Mert Erbil

Your friendly neighborhood digital product marketer.

who am i and what i do

I am a digital product enthusiast who has some experience about developing and designing customer journeys and product strategies. Currently trying to understand what drives people to do irrational stuff.

professional life 💼

I've worked for both corporate and startup companies in product, process & business development departments.
I've initiated and driven bunch of products and projects such as internet branch changeover, a loyalty platform from scratch and some routine acquisition & retention projects.

🎓 academic life

Got a BSc on Industrial Engineering and have an MA on Marketing Communications. Nowadays, I'm continuing my PhD on Advertising & PR, focused on digital products.
The major topics that I love to dive deep academically are new media, digital consumption, entertainment products and behavior science.

real life 👟

I can count geek stuff, new media and understanding consumption behavior as my major hobbies. Else, I am writing a weekly newsletter named Hype Oldu about hype news about global new media ecosystem (in Turkish).
Also, I sometimes blog on Medium about various topics (mostly in Turkish, occasionally in English).

📫 Get in touch

Drop me some lines if you'd like to get in touch.
I promise I'll write back as soon as possible!